Saturday, August 07, 2010

Free or Reduced Lunch, by Kellye Schroeder

Outings with a large group of kids is not always easy, but as a teacher, its something you have to do. Do I have them all? Where are the lunches? Are they safe?

These thoughts all ran through my mind as we became consumed in the crowd waiting to hear more from this man Jesus. The kids don't really know who He is or get his role in their community, but they don't really need to in their minds. He's interesting and unknown so they're intrigued--especially Michael. Meeting Jesus was all he talked about and as I did a quick head count, I realized he was gone .

As any good teacher would, I began scanning the crowd and as I almost began to panic--there he was. He had pushed his way all the way to the front, practically standing at Jesus' side. What a pesky little kid, but bold you had to admit.

Suddenly, Michael reached into his bag and pulls out his lunch sack and offered it to a frowning friend of Jesus. Michael was offering them his food, and I thought about how insignificant that small amount was but what a big sacrifice it was for Michael, who had so little to offer coming from a poor family. Still he was willing. Who could have guessed how his view of life changed with the feeding that followed.

To some, it was just a free lunch; to Michael, having a small role in something so out of the ordinary. I knew he would never be the same.

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