Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holly Sharp's Art

Holly Sharp's paintings are now featured with both the written and audio versions of the poem "And It Was Good". WooHoo!

Thanks Holly for being the first.

Adam & Eve Audio!

Now the entire Adam & Eve Saga is available in audio!

Dramatic readings complete with sound effects and musical score.
Stream or Download them all:

*"And It Was Good" has Holly Sharpe's visual art embedded in it, which is why it is only available as download.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Ask? by Nancy Jarosi

And Phillip said, "Why did you ask us the question when you already knew what you would do?"

Jesus said, "Think about it. I asked the question so you would be part of figuring out the answer. First you used logic, but discovered it is too costly to buy bread for all of these. We don't have the money. Then you saw impossibility. There is a boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish. What is that among so many? Then you saw possibility when I said, 'Make the men sit down.' You believed.

"I asked the question so you would be a part of finding the answer."

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boy Would Understand, by Chad Johns

Jesus mopped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. The day was warm and he was tired from healing so many. They just didn't get it. He hadn't come to fix all of their problems. He had come to show them the reign of God, to show them how to join with him in bringing it to life. His gifts were meant to empower them, to inspire them to become givers.

Yet they were so young. Like their ancestors, every gift led to a demand for more. Why couldn't they see?

Jesus groaned as he saw the multitude crest the hill. Here they come again. . . . Finish the story!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Free or Reduced Lunch, by Kellye Schroeder

Outings with a large group of kids is not always easy, but as a teacher, its something you have to do. Do I have them all? Where are the lunches? Are they safe?

These thoughts all ran through my mind as we became consumed in the crowd waiting to hear more from this man Jesus. The kids don't really know who He is or get his role in their community, but they don't really need to in their minds. He's interesting and unknown so they're intrigued--especially Michael. Meeting Jesus was all he talked about and as I did a quick head count, I realized he was gone . . . Finish the story!


I remember Jesse Schroeder by his smile--humungous, almost giddy. But that was not the only thing physically memorable about him. At first glance, I was immediately struck with physique envy. Jesse is built like Superman, which is what made his grin so oxymoronic. Most buff guys look mean. It's like they all got together and decided they couldn't smile in any picture anymore. I really shouldn't stereotype because 3 of the gentlest guys I know look like action heroes. Jesse reminded me.

Jesse participated in our inaugural Stories that Compost workshop. Toward the end of June, he wrote me with most exciting news. He had gone home to share the experience and practice retelling stories with his emergent village cohort in Columbus, OH. I so wish more of those who participated would follow suit (hint-hint, clue-clue!).

They read the story of the feeding of the 5,000 in Luke 10 and John 6, asked the three questions we use in our workshop to unpack a story and then rewrote the story and shared. He passed along some of the retellings that came out of the experience.

I'll share a different one each week for the next few weeks. Hopefully by then, I'll have more to share from some more of you (HINT-HINT, CLUE-CLUE!).