Sunday, May 20, 2012

Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity

It was such a pleasure to help host the first (Dave Csinos may crucify me for saying that) Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity conference a couple of weeks back. It was so great to meet so many interesting people doing amazing work in the lives of kids. Thanks to all who labored in love to make it possible!  Thanks also to those who attended and presented and introduced yourselves!

As promised on the last day of the conference, audio for the Cain, Abel and Noah stories is finally available free for download to all attendees of the conference. Follow the link and enter the password I shared with you when I made the announcement (email me if you forgot... or left early—confession is good for the soul).

For everyone else, please check back soon.

...Oh, and don't think I've forgotten some of you owe me a story!  ;-)