Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boy Would Understand, by Chad Johns

Jesus mopped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. The day was warm and he was tired from healing so many. They just didn't get it. He hadn't come to fix all of their problems. He had come to show them the reign of God, to show them how to join with him in bringing it to life. His gifts were meant to empower them, to inspire them to become givers.

Yet they were so young. Like their ancestors, every gift led to a demand for more. Why couldn't they see?

Jesus groaned as he saw the multitude crest the hill. Here they come again. Even so, his heart filled with love. They were his people. Perhaps something new would show them--a miracle of community, of sharing, or offering what little they had to the reign of God.

He looked at the disciples. Something they got. Often they didn't. Peter looked poleaxed as the crowd came on. Dumb as a rock (God bless him) but a heart of gold. There was hope for him yet.

"How can we feed them?" He asked. Would they get it this time?

Blank looks showed back. One small boy offered his lunch.

Jesus sighed internally as his followers smiled at the boy. The reign of God is like a child's heart, he thought. "Have them sit," he said. "Let them gather."

He paused to connect with God. One day, all would know this relationship. He gave thanks. And he was grateful. The boy would understand. Jesus blessed the lunch and watched as the people were fed.

Soon a ruckus arose. Rumor echoed through the crowd. They wanted to make him King again. They didn't understand what that meant. Didn't understand that he already was a king in God's reign.

Another gift. Another demand that he do everything for them. Quickly he gathered the food and slipped away. The boy would understand. And he would continue loving the rest of them until they did as well.

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