We want the stories to be available in a format that iPod-wielding story lovers can appreciate (or at least hide well, if necessary). So as often as possible, we will transfer stories to downloadable audio, complete with sound effects and musical score. There is much already here for the taking (and some for the purchasing).

Here's funny. If we say this project particularly targets 12-14-year-olds in terms of language, content and ideas, it will never get traction because the assumption is that middle school kids aren't interested in stories (so middle-schoolers believe it). But the crazy thing is that given the chance, these same stories have worked with audiences in middle school, high school and college on into adulthood because they speak of the complexity of the human condition and don't seek to over-simplify the challenges of a virtuous life. 9-11-year-olds are particularly receptive to well told story (as well as less self conscious). And the stories often work with kids 6-8 by virtue of their entertainment quality.

So who's the audience? You are the audience, whomever you may be. Support the cause of telling better--more beautiful, more just, more virtuous--faith stories by buying the new album. If you must, say they're for your younger siblings, your niece or nephew, the grandchildren, your students or even your own kids. But you find yourself in them too as they (whomever "they" are) listen. It will be our little secret ;-).

Available for free stream or download:

Other streamable audio:
"'What About Our Needs'"
"Beloved Conspiracy"
"Survivor's Guilt" [ages 12amp&up]
"With Child"
"All In the Family" [ages 15amp& up]
"I Hear Dead People"
"Is God Mean?"
"Gay Dogs . . . Don't Listen"

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